Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a Social Security Number

Every taxpayer, dependent and person on which an Earned Income Credit is based must have a Social Security number. (Individuals such as foreign citizens who are not eligible to get a Social Security number can be issued an Individual Tax Identification Number, or “ITIN.”)

Social Security numbers are issued by the Social Security Administration, not the IRS. To apply for a Social Security number, fill out a Form SS-5 and take it with original documents for identification to your nearest Social Security office. (You may mail the application, but that is not recommended because of risk of losing the documents you must send).

For the nearest Social Security office, check the Yellow Pages. The Social Security Administration can be reached:

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Using 123 Signup

How to use 123signup to register for dinner meetings and education events.

  • How do I sign into 123signup?
  • What are Promotion Codes?
    • Promotion codes are codes that provide a discount to a Solano-Napa event.
  • What does “profile” mean?
    • Profile in 123signup is the entire bundle of information about you including your email address. It is the information you entered during your initial sign on.It does not include your credit card number which is not stored in the system.
  • Am I registered for a program or an event?
    • Sign into 123signup and choose the event for which you are registered. The selection line will show you whether you can register, or if you are already registered. You can modify your registration, make a payment or cancel the registration.